New location in New York!

by Mark Bitterman

I have some exciting news I wanted you to be the first to know about. We’re re-opening The Meadow in New York City! After 10 years in the West Village of New York City, we had to close our doors during the pandemic. But we lucked into an insanely cool new space on Mulberry Street between Spring and Prince—the neighborhood of Nolita (North of Little Italy). Which brings me to you. You are part of us. Our shelves are your shelves. Our shop is your shop. 

We’re bringing back our obsessively curated selections of salt, chocolate, bitters and flowers, plus works of culinary genius like condiments, olive oils, grains and pastas, and various obscure jars of radical goodness. But the main reason I wanted to write you was to circle back on why I got into this crazy business in the first place, some 15 years ago.

The shit show of the pandemic has distilled our vision with greater clarity than ever before. “Place” is our North Star. Our shop is above all a place where people can connect with products that are meaningful and delicious. It’s a home. Visitors connect not just with the flavor of our products, but the beauty and wonder of them as well. It’s old school hospitality. The physical space handmade products hold on our shelves, the buckets of fresh cut flowers on the floor, the shiny welcome of our shop guides; these things combine to create Place. This is philosophical stuff but people feel it in their bones the moment they walk in the door.

Place is in desperately short supply. In an increasingly globalized, digitized, fragmented world, we offer intimacy, physicality, sensuality, and beauty. We are all thirsty for belonging, and we have fire hydrants of it, boundless refreshment on a hot summer day. The deep-felt need for place is why, against all odds, a shop that sells salt, chocolate, bitters, and flowers has managed to come back to New York City.  And it’s why I sincerely, deeply feel that together we are making a world of beauty and belonging, and why our shop is your shop. 

So come on down to the shop (details coming soon!) and in the meantime, tell your friends and family, shout us out on your social media, visit us in Portland or online. Our place is your place.

See you back in New York!


Owner, The Meadow

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