The Kitchn: 
March 2011

by Cesar Delgadillo

Store Profile: The Meadow
Mark Bitterman, owner of the Meadow and author of Salt, considers salt, wine, chocolate and flowers the essentials in life, that's why he sells these items at his store. Walking into this gem of a shop, on Mississippi Ave in NE Portland, is like being transported into a sensoral vortex. Once you're in there, it's hard to leave. The salts are unexpected and very pungent, flavored with things like cacao, lemon and Japanese plums. Then there's the bright bunches of flowers giving off a heady perfume. Finally, it's the chocolate bars and wine bottles, their packaging and promise of what's inside, that dazzle me into a headspin. This shop is fantastic for gifts, and you may end up with a few purchases for yourself. Oh hello lavender bitters, I must have you!

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