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Kala Namak Rock Salt (India's Volcanic "Black Salt")


Kala Namak, or Indian Black Salt (also called Nirav Black Salt or Sanchal), is a special unrefined mineral salt from Darjeeling, India. It is a volcanic rock salt mined in central India. The ground salt is not black, but more of a coral pink or pinkish gray, and has a strong, sulfuric flavor. These colors come from the presence of trace minerals such as magnesium, as well as volcanic iron.

Kala Namak is used in Indian cuisine as a condiment, most commonly with snack foods. It is used in chaats (fruit glazes), chutneys, raitas (yogurt and cucumbers mixes), fruit salads, and savory deep-fried snacks. The finishing salt has a strong sulfur taste and smell. While this unique quality is often diffused when cooked, it nonetheless adds a special taste of eggs.

    Ingredients: sea salt

    Customer Reviews

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    Amazing Kala Namak Salt

    One of my family members has an egg intolerance. We have been getting creative with recipes. This salt, combined with moong daal, can make the most incredible egg free breakfast casserole. Kala Namak Salt is interesting, sulfury and nutritious. We are so happy to add it to our arsenal of ingredients.

    Best seasoning Salt

    Kala Namak Salt from the Meadow imparts amazing flavors to a lot of dishes. I find it exceptional on our mixed green salads or to enhance a curry.

    My favorite salt in the world!

    Always a joy to snap up more kala namak salt from The Meadow - its yummy, slightly sulfuric qualities taste great on darn near everything & leaves regular table salt in the dust. Many thanks! I am a long-time happy customer.

    my favorite salt!

    Kala Namak. So glad that I can still get it. Thanks to The Meadow for the great online service.

    Spectacular salt, delivered swiftly!

    Many thanks for your rapid shipment of my favorite salt. I am a happy customer at your brick & mortar shop in Greenwich Village, & I so appreciate you coming through for me in this fashion. Highest recommendation!