$ 45.00
Formerly known as the Asian Salt Set

The ultimate passport to authentic Japanese flavor, from sushi to bánh mì to kimchi!

These three masterpieces of hand-made salt elevate the subtlest crunch, the boldest spice, and the most exotic flavor of every Asian cuisine. Together they exemplify the extraordinary differences, unsurpassed quality, and wonderful versatility of Japanese sea salts.

This set includes three small jars of salt:

Takesumi Bamboo - Deep sea salt packed in bamboo cylinders and fired in a kiln, brings lush, opulent flavor and an exciting carbonated texture to the simplest of dishes, like game and other lean meats, oysters, and rice.

Hana Flake - Delicate sea salt with an electrostatic snap, sparking brightness and sweetness in sashimi, tempura, and seaweed salads.

Tsushima No Moshio - Loaded with umami (savory) flavor, this sea salt stirs up satisfying richness in cucumber salad, stir-fried vegetables, rice, noodles, broth, and white fish.