Bitterman's Chips, Dips & Popcorn Salt Trio

Chips, dips and popcorn are life! 

There are few things we love more than chips, dips, and popcorn. Really. Queso? Check. Caramelized onion dip? Check. Homemade ranch dip? Check. Popcorn with all the cheese? Check. Homemade potato and tortilla chips? Check and check.

So it was only a matter of time before we made some seasoning salts inspired by our love of these salty, crunchy, soul-satisfying snacks. These three salts have been in the works for quite a while, and we're finally excited to share them with you all - just in time for Super Bowl Sunday, if you're into that sort of thing. We are, well, because... it's an excuse to make and eat chips and dips with wild abandon.

Dust off the popcorn popper! Get the sour cream ready! Your snacking dreams are about to come true...

This trio includes three small boxes of salt:

Bitterman's Jalapeño Cheddar Salt - Fine-grained Italian sea salt infused with jalapeño peppers, real cheddar cheese and cilantro. That's it! Sprinkle this cheddary, spicy, zingy seasoning salt on popcorn (duh!), mashed potatoes, mac & cheese. Use generously on homemade potato chips with ranch dip, chili, chicken wings. Or use as a finishing touch on chowder, cornbread, baked potatoes with sour cream and all the fixings, homemade biscuits.

Ingredients: Sea salt, cheddar cheese powder (milk, salt, enzymes), jalapeño, cilantro. Contains milk.

Bitterman's Cacio e Pepe Salt - Fine-grained Italian sea salt infused with white cheddar cheese, smoked black pepper and a hint of black truffle. This cheesey, smoky, umami seasoning is made for pastas of every stripe, potatoes, roasted cauliflower, risottos, homemade French fries, caramelized onion dip, even salad dressings. But the real star of the show is popcorn! 

Ingredients: Sea salt, cheddar cheese powder (milk, salt, enzymes), smoked black pepper, black truffle. Contains milk.

Bitterman's Chili Cheese Dust -  Fine grained Italian sea salt from Trapani, Sicily (Mark is there *right* now!) expertly infused with chili peppers, cumin and real white and yellow cheddar cheeses. Use generously on popcorn, chilis, cornbread, homemade tortilla chips, and corn on the cob. Sprinkle with wild abandon to season taco meat or smash burgers. As for dips? The real question is what doesn't Chili Cheese Dust go with? Think pimento cheese dip, bean dip and homemade queso cheese dip!

Ingredients: Sea salt, cheddar cheese powder (milk, salt, enzymes), ancho chili, chipotle chili, guajillo chili, cumin. Contains milk.

Chips, Dips & Popcorn Trio net weight by volume:

  • Includes 3 Small Boxes: 3oz /85g each
  • Please recycle boxes after use

Made in Portland, Oregon!

Customer Reviews

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Lisa Gervais
Chips, Dips & Popcorn Salt Trio

Tasty and not just for popcorn. I dressed my brussel sprouts with the cacio e pepe salt before roasting. Let’s just say they turned out like the meat candy (bacon) of the vegetable world. The “hate” brussel sprouts people in my house couldn’t stop eating them. Score!

Steve Roy

Bitterman's Chips, Dips & Popcorn Salt Trio