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A recent letter

I ordered a mystery box to share with my partner on our recent kinda vacation... I love how it was wrapped simply with brown paper and tied with twine...


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Himalayan Salt Block - 4x8x2" Brick

This brick shaped Himalayan Salt Block is perhaps our most versatile shape. 

  • It is inexpensive, making it a great starter block for those who want to try a hand preparing food on blocks of 600 million year old chucks of pink salt from Pakistan, or for professionals looking for an economical size.
  • The rectangular size means you can play around with how food is arranged on the salt brick, for a more dramatic visual presentation.
  • Likewise, weighing less means they are less massive and quicker to heat up, making them great for more spontaneous use or rapid service in restaurants.
  • Professionals take note: When you are heating them up to cook on them, you can actually fit two on a single burner! This is great for professionals who want to prepare multiple orders with limited burner space in the kitchen.

Try this: Salt Brick Grilled Chicken


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Excellent Gift!

This was the best gift idea of 2020. I got rave reviews from the friend I gifted.

Wrap it.....

The brown paper is so inadequate. One of the 8x4s has a chipped corner. Also some of the edges are less than crisp and heating these blocks might cause fracturing......I wish you would have provided better protection.

Great service and cool gifts

Ordering online and picking up was super easy. And they have amazing unique gifts to satisfy hard-to-shop-for recipients.

Tasty and useful hostess gift

In these days of socially distancing cocktails, nice to bring an affordable host gift that is more interesting than the ubiquitous bottle of wine. Your hosts have to use it later because you can't really share the treat, but salt block works beautifully as a platter for with sliced radishes, zucchini, cherry tomatoes or lightly salted cheese.

Salt blocks for grilling

I purchased two 4x8x2 salt blocks to try this new (to me) method of grilling. The blocks and shipping from The Meadows was absolutely top quality! I would highly recommend using The Meadows as your source for salt block products. As an avid, if not fanatic, back yard griller, I am telling you you have to try this method. Don't cut corners, get the best.
Don in Albuquerque.