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Gourmet Pepper 6-Pack

*Now in our permanent lineup!*

Salt's six best friends! Explore the world through our six most sought-after peppers. Herbaceous, floral, spicy, bright, vegetal, earthy - these are just a few flavor notes that come to mind. Grind or microplane any of these peppers onto fresh or cooked foods, or drop a few into broths, soups, and stews.

This set includes six cork top 1.2oz by volume jars of pepper: 

Red Sichuan - Red Sichuan Pepper comes from the berries of the prickly ash tree, a member of the citrus family. Unlike the hot, pungent biting flavor of traditional black peppercorn, these tiny red berries provide an earthy, bright spiciness to any dish. When ground into powder, this pepper can be used in Chinese five spice powder, or sprinkled on top of pork, carp or catfish. The pods can also be lightly fried to create a spicy oil. Bright, spicy lemony flavor that yields a slightly tingling, tongue-numbing sensation. Red Sichuan seedpods are picked and then dried. Also known as Flower Pepper in China, and Szechwan Pepper or Chinese Pepper in America. Red Sichuan is the perfect pepper for achieving the ma la flavor, or numbing spiciness component, of Sichuan cooking.

Tellicherry Pepper - From the heart of pepper-growing country in India, this richly aromatic flavored pepper is matched by a lustrous brownish black color and classic wrinkled texture. Vine-ripened until mature, these large berries have full, robust flavor and front-of-the mouth heat with hint of citrus and classic pepper finish. For use everyday. Full, robust flavor with a hint of citrus and peppery finish. Harvested by hand only when it has matured and the essential oils have reached their peak, this Indian Tellicherry Pepper is blanched in its hull, sun-dried on bamboo mats for a week, and then meticulously cleaned and sorted.

Selim Kili- These woody pods are the fruit of theXylopia aethiopica tree, which primarily grows in the African savanna. The pods contain between one and eight shiny, hard black seeds and are smoked during the drying process, which gives them a deep, musky fragrance. Tastes like a mixture of cubeb pepper and nutmeg, with a note of resin. It has a very sharp, aromatic, pungent taste with a slightly bitter aftertaste."

Green Brazilian Peppercorns - Green Brazilian Peppercorns are picked before the berries reach full maturity, then freeze-dried to retain freshness. This pepper is less tangy and pungent than traditional black pepper and great alternative for those looking for a pepper with a more mellow bite.

Pink Brazilian Peppercorns - Pink peppercorns are the dried berries of the shrub Schinus terebinthifolius, and although not a proper member of the pepper family, they have a striking peppery flavor and aroma. Their fruity, sweet quality adds bold peppery flavor and beautiful red color to any dish. Slightly sweet, aromatic peppery flavor. The Pink Brazilian Pepper is grown primarily in Espiritu Santo, located along the southeast coastal region of Brazil.

White Peppercorns - White peppercorns start off as Black Peppercorns, but are ripened longer on the vine. The peppercorns are hand-harvested, then soaked in cold-water streams to remove the black outer shell. They are then left out in the sun to dry, and in turn blanch to a creamy white. Pungent and herby with a fresh green flavor, this pepper is suitable for use every day in soups, grilled chicken or beef, and where the color of black pepper is not desired. Pungent and herby with a fresh earthy flavor.

Net weight by volume:

  • Includes 6 Cork Top Jars Jars: 1.2oz each
  • Made in Portland, Oregon!


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