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A recent letter

I ordered a mystery box to share with my partner on our recent kinda vacation... I love how it was wrapped simply with brown paper and tied with twine...


Date Night In Box - Dinner and drinks delivered straight to your door!

“The secret of good cooking is, first, having a love of it.” So says the great James Beard. Sure, sure, we agree! But the secret to cooking something truly delicious is having someone you love to cook for. 

A great meal is a potent love sonnet as anything. The feelings that inspire us to nourish and delight another human being run deep. They stir us to rummage through our memories, sift through the past to rinse and slice and assemble some newly minted moment with another.  Then we contemplate the culinary traditions -- recipes and techniques -- that help give form to this moment.

Shopping list in hand, we set sally forth in our Subaru or on our Schwinn to explore the markets of our town, smiling at our shop clerks from behind a face covering because we know that it makes our eyes squint and glimmer and that’s the best we can do right now and we all love each other the more for it because it reminds us that we are, all of us, living together.

We arrive home, unpack, put on some music and pour ourselves a sip of something warming to keep us company while we peel garlic or sift flour or go crazy and do both. As the sun sets and the streetlights outside flicker on, the house fills with the smells of a past romantic evening or time with family or childhood or exotic travel.

The table set and a dish of fleur de sel glistening like diamonds in the candle’s light, the Valentine you are about to give is so much more than your love of cooking, it’s your love of life, enlivened at its heart by the love of your life.

    Date Night In Box Includes:

    Fixings for The Meadow's Pasta Puttanesca

    • Bucatini or Rigatoncini from Italy
    • Tomatoes from Italy
    • Bitterman's Rosemary Flake Salt
    • Salt Packed Sicilian Capers
    • Anchovies
    • Recipe card

    Fixings for The Meadow's Manhattan Cocktail

    • Cocktail bitters
    • Cherries
    • Recipe card

    After Dinner Sweets

    • Assorted full size chocolate bar
    • Filled mini chocolate bar
    • Chocolate tasting flight - 12 single origins
    • How to Taste Chocolate & Tasting Notes Scorecard

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Brilliant, as ever

      Gifted this as a housewarming for some friends, and it was so well received! The Meadow crew has impeccable taste, and I'll be surely ordering this again.

      Hey Janine!

      Thank you for the sparkling review and for your continued support <3 We are so happy the Date Night In box was much loved and we look forward to your next order!

      Be well,


      Lovely way to celebrate at home

      Thanks for this delicious option for our Valentine's day. The recipe was wonderful and the ingredients were steller.

      Loved it ALL!

      Loved it! The pasta and homemade sauce was so good that I have already ordered more ingredients to make again! The chocolate tasting was a success with tasters from 4yrs old to 71, we had great fun! Thank you for an easy, good time during this trying stressful world!❤️


      A stressful world indeed but this is what we are here for! It is a joy for us to hear that we were successfully able to gift a little bit of Meadow magic to you and your loved ones <3


      Date Night in a Box

      This was a great “Valentine” gift for a new couple - they loved it!