Black Diamond Flake Sea Salt

Black Diamond Flake Sea Salt

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Black Diamond is a Mediterranean flake salt that is thoroughly suffused with activated charcoal. The activated charcoal, a natural detoxifier that has health benefits in small doses, gives Black Diamond a deep, dark obsidian luster and a distinctly earthy taste of carbon. Black Diamond's pyramid-shaped crystals are very large and provide a nice toothsome crunch that makes for a marvelous counterpoint in texture on your food. Its raven color brings delightful contrast to a dish lighter in color and is sure to elicit an exclamation from your guests.

Let fall great crystals of Black Diamond and feel the rush of Incan emperors. This flake sea salt makes any meal regally timeless, an ingemination of the ancient feasts where diners were fed tropical fruits, their raiment of gold and emerald flashing in the dappled sun beneath the palms, and great marble monuments shone behind them in the distance.

Black diamond flake salt is intensely earthy, tannic, and bold, and is best saved for special occasions. It is also the opposite - celestial, clean, and mild, and is best used freely to make every meal a special occasion. Or it is both. There is a paradox lurking within the darkness of every Black Diamond crystal, an irresolution that asks you to strive, again and again, to live every moment like it is forever.

Resists dissolving even on very moist foods. Massive pyramids of Cyprus black on a rich pumpkin soup topped with guacamole, cilantro, and toasted pumpkins seeds invite you to delve into the divine pleasures of Mayan cuisine. The salt's subtle tannic notes lend wonderful balance and structure to grilled asparagus and Brussels sprouts. On pasta, it mimics the pungent snap of fried garlic; on baked potatoes, or Cobb salad, it adds the crunchy contrast of bacon bits. My favorite is potato latkes topped with smoked salmon and tarragon créme fraîche, and a neat pinch of Cyprus black on top, a sort of poor man's caviar. Try it with fresh chevre, caprese salad, grilled asparagus, baked potatoes, or any other food that calls for a visual pop.

    Ingredients: Sea salt, activated charcoal

    From Cyprus!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Heavy on the charcoal

    This salt is very cool - it is stark black, mildly salty, and has a wonderful crunch. The flat flakes ensure that no bite is overwhelmingly salty. It is very pretty on light-colored foods. The one thing that was bothersome to me was the excessive charcoal presence - the black soot rubs off on food, fingers, and teeth. For one, though these are small amounts, you are ingesting activated charcoal; and second, the black residue turns light foods an unappetizing gray. All in all, a cool salt, but only for occasional, specific use.

    Michelle Wouden
    The salt for everything and everyone!

    Make your avocado toast better with a sprinkling of black salt. Eggs same. Salad same. Everything is better with the black salt. Gently break up and sprinkle or just go for all the diamonds glory. By far my favorite salt ever! Ever!

    Anne Marie Gagnon
    Black Diamond Flake Salt

    Wonderful salt, lovely packaging, exactly what I hoped for! And a perfect gift for a cook too - Looks beautiful with sliced radishes & parsley as a light, healthy pre-dinner snack! I miss your perfect little shop in the West Village & await your return!🤞

    Eric Callman
    Exciting, tasty, chunky salt

    This really jazzes up avocado toast! ... no, I'm not joking, it really does go perfectly. My only issue is that some of the flakes are too big. I try to crush it a little more before using.

    Marc Lamoureux
    Little Black Gems

    Just as good the 2nd time around. I use it on (fried) eggs and far.