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Bitterman's Fleur de Hell™


Fleur de Sel meets Ghost Pepper. One of the hottest peppers in the world, India's legendary Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) is expertly infused by Selmelier and James Beard Award winning author Mark Bitterman into the glittering crystals of the salt worlds natural born leader, fleur de sel.

Sprinkled on food, you get mysterious mineral excitement trailing off a molten meteor of fiery flavors. Impossible to explain. Scovilliain fireworks for the mouth. Try Fleur de Hell™ on stir fried bok choy, shitakes, rice noodles. Get the corn on the cob your mother never fed you, slathered in butter, spiked with lime juice, and set on fire with Fleur de Hell. Toss Fleur de Hell over Calabria-inspired sesame-oil seared eggplant and red onions. Ceviche with this salt on top will never be the same. And to heck with chili pepper flakes, this is the way to go for Pizza. If salty flavors appeal to our need for vital minerals, bring balance, and center us, then spicy flavors beckon our spirits to the horizon, set us loose in the shimmering deserts of discovery and abandonment. Once you eat Fleur de Hell, you may never come back.

    Ingredients: Sea salt, ghost pepper powder, turmeric (for color)

    Made in Portland, Oregon!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 28 reviews
    R Dunn
    Best salt ever

    So far makes everything I’ve put it on taste better.

    Pat Roland
    Great on cooked veges!

    I really like this salt on my cooked vegetables. It gives them a little burst of flavor that I don’t get from regular salt.

    Sara Gordon

    Perfect for my spicy margarita rims!

    Sandi Thompson
    Fleur de Hell Salt

    A great way to add a little heat (or a lot) when you salt your food. I’m really a fan and hate to run out!

    Ellen Fagan
    Spectacular addition to my spice rack!

    The Meadow always comes through with great service, swift delivery & the most amazing salts in the world. This one has a spicy kick & goes great on pasta, pizza, cheese, omelets...darn near everything. I am a delighted long-time customer! Many thanks.