Amethyst Bamboo 9x Korean Sea Salt

Title: Small Jar
Grain: Coarse

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Master In-Shan’s Amethyst bamboo salt 9x smells like something dragons use to season their victims before eating them. Master In-shan’s 9x Amethyst and Oyster bamboo salts are considered by discerning users to be among the best and most efficacious available. It is an expensive (it is actually the most expensive salt in the world!), highly-prized ingredient in Taoist medicine, believed to inhibit the growth of cancer cells, cure fevers, relieve edema, and serve in remedies of dozens of other conditions. It stimulates Chi, which can translate as both mental and physical vigor.

Regardless of its purported health benefits, it is an exciting finishing salt to bring into the kitchen, contributing savory, sweet, smoky, and a myriad of hard-to-identify flavors to food. Bamboo Salt (or Juk-yom or Jook-Yeom in Korean) is renowned across the Korean peninsula and beyond, and mixed with a less potent bamboo salt, it can be used as a daily table salt.

The trick to enjoying this very bold, aromatic, sulphuric, but ultimately sweet salt is to use it on food; if you taste it on its own you are likely to be overwhelmed by the intense, dragon’s breath intensity of the salt.

9x roasted salt is the most flavorful variety of bamboo salts. The "9x" refers to the number of times the salt has been roasted. 9x roasted bamboo salt belongs to the family of Greater Bamboo salts. Bamboo Salt is made by putting coarse gray sea salt in cylinders of aged bamboo, capping it with a special ceramic-type clay, and roasting it in a pine wood-fired furnace at temperatures nearing the melting point of salt, which is 800.8° C (1473.4° F). The whole process is then repeated seven more times; each roast exchanges properties between the pine fire, the pine resin, the clay, the bamboo, and even the iron of the oven.

At the same time the salt is exchanging compounds with the bamboo, etc., the repeated roasting is breaking down the trace compounds in the salt to create increasingly complex flavors and diverse nutrients.

Finally, the salt is roasted a ninth time at even higher temperatures, melting the salt into a liquid that can be poured like lava. The resulting crystals can be a variety of colors, ranging from oyster to amber to amethyst. The salt can then be ground to the desired coarseness.

    Ingredients: Sea salt


    Customer Reviews

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    Stan HarrIson
    A great salt!

    This is now my favorite salt.

    Jack Fleming


    Mike Edgerton
    It was unique

    A very pleasant taste I had never tasted before. Very potent so I cut it with grey sea salt usually since it isn’t cheap.. Best on subtle dishes like wild mushroom risotto. Not your every day salt but worth the money for a true foodie

    William Eakins
    Amethyst Bamboo

    I tried it out of curiosity. I liked the umami taste, but for my preference was put off by the sulfur flavor. It just was not for me. Shipping, packing, order processing time and the elegant glass container were all superb.


    We agree, the highly sulphuric Amethyst Bamboo 9x salt is not for the faint of heart! Try it if you dare...while we are sorry it was not to your particular taste, we want to thank you for the rest of your review and for supporting us <3


    Good product, bad packaging

    I really like The Meadow, but I've had to come to terms with the fact that I simply can't do mail order from them. Top notch products (the Amythst salt tastes very much like eggs, in a good way), but this is the second time I've ordered from them and received shattered glass containers. Moreover I've sent pictures to their customer service and never received a response. If you can go in person, do! They have wonderful products...but mail ordering is rolling the dice.

    Hi Sara,

    Thank you for your input! We are so sorry the product arrived to you in that condition, we just scoured through our email database and were unable to locate the email you have sent us regarding this issue. However, we would love to make this right so if you could please contact us at and attach the pictures of the damaged product, we will be able to further help you :) Thanks so much for your support <3