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Scorpion Salt


Sea salt infused with spicy, smoky Moruga Scorpion powder from Trinidad, the hottest chile pepper in the world! Perfect for mixing into BBQ rubs and curries, or sprinkling on top of popcorn, grilled steak, and scrambled eggs.

Mark Bitterman's secret recipe infuses hand-harvested fleur de sel from Guatemala with scorpion powder, one of the world's hottest chile peppers!

    Ingredients: Sea salt, Moruga scorpion pepper, smoked paprika (for color)

    Made in Portland, Oregon!

    Customer Reviews

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    A little goes a long way! Love it

    Scorpion salt

    It is simply amazing. I will always purchase it. For the time it’s replacing my favorite Japanese salt. I hope you will be able to offer it once again. In the meantime, I am an ardent scorpion salt fan. Thank you!

    Perfect heat and flavor

    My husband and I love spicy food and we were absolutely wowed by this salt. Great balance of heat and salt; delicious flavor, not just spicy. Tastes amazing on so many things! Some of our favorites are: eggs, steaks, chicken (especially wings and spicy chicken sandwiches ), potatoes (especially home fries and French fries), onion rings, and added to brine for pickles and pickled eggs. Use it on anything you want to “amp up,” but beware it is habit forming! A little goes a long way, but you will want to reorder this one. Highly recommend!

    Best infused salt

    Bittermans infused scorpion salt has a nice spice to it. This product is hard to find and I always love to have it on hand. It accentuates flavors beautifully.

    Fiery deliciousness!

    What a pleasant surprise. You see spicy-hot whatever, and you sometimes get something that's either too hot, or doesn't taste good. But not Bitterman's Scorpion Salt. Tastes delicious, with just the right amount of salt to balance the pleasant heat. Perfect blend! Goes great on everything from homemade Chex Mix to a chicken tender sandwich. (My lips are still tingling 5 minutes later.) Our new favorite spicy-hot condiment.