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A very readable book that endeavors to recount just about every place in our historical, economic, and social foundations that salt has cropped up. The chief argument of the book, that salt is central to the history of human civilization, is brilliant and well argued. Kurlansky's obsession with detail and anecdote flourish under the wide net of research he has cast.

The book is incredibly packed with detail as it strives to skate through "a world history," making it very interesting, if not (to my taste) entirely concern with the gourmet aspects of salt to be completely gripping. By that same token, Kurlansky writes with the deft hand of a confident narrator, and when you do find time to pick the tomb up, it is sure to engage, amuse, and enlighten. If you care a wit to know more about the chemical that enables life in your body and enlivens the food on your table, read Salt: A World History.