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I ordered a mystery box to share with my partner on our recent kinda vacation... I love how it was wrapped simply with brown paper and tied with twine...


Sal de Gusano Spicy Worm Salt

Lick sal de gusano from your wrist and taste the clean zing of hand-harvested Oaxacan sea salt, the celebratory sizzle of árbol and pasilla chiles, and the umami bravado of Oaxaca's legendary gusano dojo.This is the full mirth and majesty of true Mexican cuisine. Indispensable to drinkers of mezcal and tequila. As a ten ton bomb version of Tabasco and BBQ sauce combined, yet it is somehow utterly modest, approachable, friendly, and practical.  Use it to top everything from eggs to steak to fish to corn on the cob to ceviche to cucumber salad.

The Azetec emperors craved few things more than a meal of roasted maguey grubs. Also called gusanos or chinicuil, they are the larva that feed on maguey and agave plants, the famed worms you see in the bottom of a mezcal bottle. The fear and squeamishness we "civilized" eaters have for bugs and grubs is unfortunate, as the delicate meaty flavor of the gusano is as palatable as chicken, and its texture is no less satisfying than a French fry. 

Ingredients: Sea salt, chile arbol, chile pasilla, gusanos

Customer Reviews

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Interestingly delicious!

I thoroughly enjoy a salt uniquely different from the rest. I use it for seasoning and keep a small ziplock pill bag of it on my person when doing a 10+ mile run.

my favorite salt!

The smokey spicy kick of this salt perfectly compliments mexican cuisine and makes for a fantastic rim on a tequila cocktail.

Great product

This was my first time ordering this product and first time trying worm salt. The product arrived quickly and the quality is great. I’ll definitely be reordering. It has the right balance of salt and spice and compliments the smoky taste of the mezcal. Perfect with oranges


Salt and spice. Great sprinkled over fruit, fresh pears are my favorite, melons and apples are also good. I also like it with hard boiled eggs.

Get the small bottle unless your friends/ spouse are into it. I haven't found anyone else who will eat a powdered bug. This includes people(dudes) who rave about the mezcal experience they had in Mexico.

Sal de Gusano

This sal de gusano is my favorite by far. I brought two different ones back from Mexico, but I like this one the best.