Red Sichuan Pepper from China

Red Sichuan Pepper comes from the berries of the prickly ash tree, a member of the citrus family. Unlike the hot, pungent biting flavor of traditional black peppercorn, these tiny red berries provide an earthy, bright spiciness to any dish. When ground into powder, this pepper can be used in Chinese five spice powder, or sprinkled on top of pork, carp or catfish. The pods can also be lightly fried to create a spicy oil.

Red Sichuan seedpods are picked and then dried. Also known as Flower Pepper in China, and Szechwan Pepper or Chinese Pepper in America. Red Sichuan is the perfect pepper for achieving the ma la flavor, or numbing spiciness component, of Sichuan cooking.

Flavor Notes: Bright, spicy lemony flavor that yields a slightly tingling, tongue-numbing sensation. It's addicting!

Grown in China!

Ingredients: Red Sichuan pepper

Net weight: 0.5oz / 16g

Customer Reviews

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Bailey Romatoski

Beautiful housewarming gift for my sister, she’s a chef and said she really enjoyed it.

Mary Ames
Gifted Red Sichuan Pepper

Gifted Red Sichuan Pepper to my son for Christmas. He grew up enjoying these flavorful peppercorns in stir-frys. We couldn't get sichuan pepper for a while. Thanks Meadow for the nice, fresh spices and for the connection.