$ 12.00

just when you thought it couldn't get any better, some bright soul decided to make a chocolate chip cookie with tahini added to it. and here in the Map kitchen we've been sort of obsessed thinking of those darn cookies, when we should be thinking of latent heat crystallization or some other chocolate making heebiejeebie. 

but magic happens, and in our case in the middle of the night and the a-ha idea of making a bar as cookie-ish as we could, and also, vegan. 

the result: a three-ingredient white chocolate made with organic cocoa butter, organic cane sugar, and oats that even on its own tastes like cookie dough. but wait! nirvana is one step away, so we added a house-made organic tahini for that umami nutty goodness, and then whipped up a 74% dark chocolate that we chopped into chunks. possibly the world's first chocolate bar that uses chocolate as an inclusion, but then, we've always heard tahini is a magical place, so yeah, we went there.