King Floyd's Dill Pickle Virginia Peanuts

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King Floyd's Dill Pickle Peanuts have satisfied hungry travelers since 1929. Discovered these tasty flavored peanuts hiding in a small railroad dining car along a open stretch of highway in southeastern Virginia - in the heart of Virginia Peanut country. We guarantee that once you have had King Floyd's Dill Pickle Peanuts, you won't go back. Enjoy!

Pair with: Any happy hour or cocktail party. A Gin & Tonic! An Aperol Spritz. Or eat a handful for lunch!

Contains peanuts.

Net weight: 10oz / 283g

Customer Reviews

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Rachel Gottlieb
Yummy & Unique

These peanuts are yummy. They are well-roasted and seem to be high quality peanuts. The dill taste is tangy and packs a punch. It’s a fun snack. My only reservation is that the nuts are a bit too heavily seasoned, which is why I gave them 4 stars instead of 5.

Rossy B
These are too good literally way too good. I'm forbidden from ordering these again by my significant other due to their irresistible nature.

Charles Bell

I was skeptical at first, because being from Kansas, I wasn’t sure what “Virginia Peanuts” meant. Still not 100% sure if that means they are actually from the State of Virginia or due to the size. However, I did find them very delicious and they were gone quickly. Very nice product in any case.