$ 15.00

 The K+M Extravirgin Winter Spice Milk Chocolate reflects the season with warming spices, enlivened by citrus notes.

 Michelin-starred Chef Thomas Keller and legendary Italian olive oil producer Armando Manni, have teamed up to develop the world's highest quality chocolate. Keller and Manni enlisted help from researchers at the University of Florence to develop K+M's unique chocolate-making methodology. Our proprietary method for producing chocolate allows for the ultimate expression of the cocoa beans' complex flavors, while preserving more of their natural antioxidants. The addition of a small amount of heart-healthy, organic Manni extra-virgin olive oil infuses our chocolate with its signature texture while also boosting its antioxidant levels. K+M's chocolatier, Chi Bui, sources the world's best cocoa beans, traveling to remote locations to establish personal relationships with our growers. True to the reputation of its founders, K+M takes chocolate in an innovative, delicious, and healthy direction. Hand-crafted in Napa Valley, USA.