$ 45.00

Pick a size, we'll pick an assortment of salts and surprises that will bring color to the kitchen and enliven every meal. Nothing creates flavor like salt, and we've got salts that really deliver.  What do they deliver?  Happiness!

The default for this basket will be the more playful, kooky salts that we so often miss out on.  However, you are invited to leave a few words about your preferences in the the comments section of the shopping cart: something like "I'd like to focus on grilling!" or "I am a salad freak!" or "This is for someone who loves to bake." We'll figure out the the salts to complete the picture.   

Our little pine box is hand-branded to offer a simple, rustic look that is great for gifts of just about anything you can coerce into a box. So cats... not so much. But chocolate bars? Jars of salt? Bottles of bitters? Heck, these kinds of things love being put in boxes. In fact, these boxes make everything a little extra special, so it's a great way to get these goods into the hands of friends, loved-ones, employees, and colleagues.