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Bitterman's Tokyo Salt Trio - Limited Edition

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*This trio is part of our limited edition Portland - New York - Tokyo Series *

Sold out!

New York. Tokyo. Portland. We miss these places terribly. So we're slinging some seriously playful salts in the last days of this seriously hard year. With nine limited-edition salts we don’t merely celebrate our history in the three magical cities where we’ve opened The Meadow, we live it!

This trio includes three small jars of salt:

Soy Salt - Umami bomb! At long last... soy salt is back! Hand-harvested Norwegian flake salt infused with top quality tamari. These crunchy soy-infused umami bomb crystals work beautifully on simply prepared foods, like steamed snap peas or broccoli or white fish. Or sprinkle with gusto on soups, stir-fries, sashimi, fried mushrooms.

Pickled Ginger Salt  -  Zippy tang for desserts and more! Fine grained, sun-evaporated sea salt infused with spicy ginger and tangy apple cider vinegar. Sprinkle on top of roasted delicata or butternut squash, mix into homemade teriyaki sauce or carrot-ginger dressings. Serve a little dish each of Pickled Ginger Salt, Wasabi Salt, and Soy Salt with a platter or fresh sushi or sashimi. Or use as the topping for a bowl of plain steamed rice.  

Wasabi Salt  -  A kick of flavor and punch of spice!Fine grained horseradish-flavored sea salt crystals infused with top quality wasabi. Sprinkle on salmon poached in olive oil, roasted Brussels sprouts, and all manner of rice dishes. Or mix into cream cheese and use to stuff jalapeño peppers. Coat almonds with avocado oil, sprinkle Wasabi salt generously over the whole thing, then bake until roasted. Or serve a bowl each of Wasabi Salt, Soy Salt, and Pickled Ginger Salt with a platter of sushi or sashimi. If you love our other spicy salts, consider adding this to your collection!

Net weight by volume:

  • Includes 3 Small Jars: 2oz by volume each

Made in Portland, Oregon!

Customer Reviews

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Great stuff

I’ve been salting everything from steak to popcorn from The Meadow and I have yet to be disappointed. Great service both in person and online.

Tokyo Edition

We give Bitterman Salts to my father in law every year! We are excited to see this edition because it’s fun & fitting to their cooking style. The packaging was perfect for his Christmas gift.