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Atlantic Mesquite Smoked Sea Salt


This sea salt is produced by a labor-intensive solar evaporation technique developed and perfected by our passionate salt maker on the Maine coast. Seawater is introduced into green houses where it is warmed and evaporated by the Atlantic sun. The seawater is then moved to pans where salt crystals are allowed to precipitate out.

The resulting salt crystals--warm, balanced, and naturally rich in trace minerals--are painstakingly hand-smoked over mesquite. Temperature and smoking time are carefully controlled in a process that took our saltmaker years to perfect. The resulting finishing salt has a hearty, medium-dense smoky flavor perfect for meats, cheeses, and salads.

    Ingredients: Sea salt, smoke

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Ashley Brown
    Mesquite smoked salt

    Such a great flavor the Meadow smoked salts are my favorite!

    Phyllis B
    Great Addition to Burgers

    Used the Mesquite Smokes Salt for the first time this weekend on our Super Bowl Burgers. A great addition! Looking forward to trying it on other meats and firm white fish!

    Rachel Gottlieb
    Smoked Goodness

    This salt gives a wonderful smoked flavor to your foods, without overpowering your food, and without having to fire up the grill. Great on chicken, fish, steak, burgers, pork loin, grilled shrimp, vegetables. Particularly enhances steelhead and salmon, “brick” and “spatchcock” chicken, maple bbq glazed wings, all types of burgers & kabobs, and sweet potato fries. Very good added to dipping sauces (for chicken tenders, fries, lettuce wraps), and it’s even good sprinkled on certain salads (like butter lettuce with maple vinaigrette, arugula/spinach, or blue cheese wedge). I think you will find this salt a surprisingly versatile addition to your kitchen.

    Super yummy smoky flavor add!

    This is our 2nd time to buy this. We love having it as a staple to enhance flavors in things like chicken, steak, tuna, really anything!

    Charles Herrick
    Great salt, great jar.

    Salt is not just NaCl. This is a great product. Sprinkle with flavor.