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How could you possibly choose.  Well, we're not asking you to.  This pack contains everything you need to do to start a nice healthy fight over which almonds are best. Black Truffle Sea Salt, Campfire Smoked Sea Salt, and Fleur de Hell.  Vegas may know the odds, but we honestly don't know which ones you'll love most.  

Start with California grown, Nonpareil almonds roasted in small batches with extra virgin olive oil produced from Italian-grown olives and cold pressed within a few hours of harvesting.  Then toss them in various insanely punchy and delicious sea salts from Bitterman Salt Co.  Flavored to perfection and delicately roasted, the crunch alone makes it hard to put them down, and the taste is even better. 

And it goes deeper than that.

Our partners Emily and Cliff Talley, are third generation farmers and owners of Adventure Orchards. When we say they take pride in their work, we mean they utilize very carefully thought out, environmentally sustainable growing practices and water conscious techniques.  Be hive colony health is another major focus. The result is flavor so good it traces its roots all the way back to the farm. 

Pair with: A party.

Snackily packaged in a 4.5 oz resealable pouch.

    • Ingredients: almonds, olive oil, Black Truffle sea salt 
    • Ingredients: almonds, olive oil, Campfire Smoked sea salt 
    • Ingredients: almonds, olive oil, Fleur de Hell sea salt 
    • Good source of fiber
    • Gluten Free
    • Non-GMO
    • Paleo
    • No added sugar
    • Contains no preservatives
    • Water conscious irrigation
    • Sustainable growing practices
    • Almonds proudly grown by family farmers in California, USA
    • Salt by Bitterman Salt Co., Portland, OR, USA 

    Bitterman Salt Co. – Mark Bitterman has traveled the globe seeking salts worthy of your food. His award-winning cookbooks and beloved shops, The Meadow, helped establish craft salt as a household necessity.

    Adventure Orchards – Growing the finest almonds is not just a passion, it is a tradition. Sustainable practices like water conservation and honey bee health are the beating heart of our thriving third-generation family farm.