The Meadow | Private Classes


For culinary explorers, party planners, and food lovers! Our private tasting classes are designed for small groups of 10 to 22 people with lots of hands-on interaction, and are hosted at our new event space 25 Chairs, located at the back of our NW 23rd Ave shop in Portland, Oregon. We can also arrange off-site classes & tastings at your home or office in Portland & New York City. Check out our most popular private classes below. We are also happy work with you to build a class that suits your needs or interests. Still have questions? Contact us at

Craft Salts 101

Salt is food’s most effective flavor enhancer. Learn how to use salt creatively, as an ingredient with distinct physical properties and culinary traditions by tasting your way through six of our most dynamic salts: fleur de sel from Guatemalan mangrove forest, sel gris from France, flake from saline waters of New Zealand, smoked sea salt from Alaska’s coastal waters, red Hawaiian sea salt infused with Alaea clay, and Japanese sea salt that’s been incinerated in bamboo cylinders.

This class includes bread + unsalted butter, cucumber, pineapple for tasting, plus wine | 90 minutes

Salt Block Cooking 101

Enough with salting your food – now it’s time to food your salt. You’ll learn the principles of preparing food on 600 million year old pink Himalayan salt blocks by cooking and eating a variety of recipes from owner Mark Bitterman's Salt Block Cooking (link). You’ll also learn proper methods for heating, freezing, cleaning, and storing your salt block.

This class includes watermelon, feta + mint salad, salt-crust scallops with Thai lime dipping sauce, salt-melted chocolate fondue with strawberries for tasting, plus wine | 90 minutes

Chocolate 101 Tasting

The chocolate bar: dark and impenetrable, an immaculate mystery wrapped in silver foil. From the humble bean slipping around inside the silken purse of a cacao pod in a tropical rainforest to the masterpieces in dark and milk chocolate, you’ll explore chocolate’s full complexity: the innumerable variations in color, aroma, mouth-feel, and flavor. Along the way, you’ll taste chocolate in its various forms, savoring the art of serious chocolate tasting, and finishing with a few creative ideas for enjoying on your own.

This class includes 10 of the world's greatest chocolate bars for tasting - from single origin Madagascar and Ecuador, to single origin Vietnam to salted chocolate to milk chocolate and more, plus wine | 90 minutes

Build Your Own Bitters (BYOB)

Cardamom, cinchona, cherry, gentian, woodruff, cloves… The unsung angels of flavor. This class explores how bitters bring balance and flavor to everything from cocktails to sauces to desserts. You’ll taste your way through over a dozen aromatic roots, barks, spices, fruits, and herbs, then be set loose to concoct your own bitters to take home!

This class includes snacks for munching on, cocktails, plus BYOB takeaway | 90 minutes

To find out more or to schedule a private class, please contact our event staff here.