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We are a little shop built on belonging. Our goods feed tummy and soul. We share a belief in celebration, equity, connection.

A recent letter

I ordered a mystery box to share with my partner on our recent kinda vacation... I love how it was wrapped simply with brown paper and tied with twine...


Magic Wand Economy

The Gift of Being Real

Express your authentic feelings with an authentic gift.  Your employees, your clients, your leadership team, your partners. They know the real thing. The look, the touch, the taste.  Send us an inquiry! 

Client Gifts  -  Employees Gifts  -  Shared Company Experiences 

Utterly unique products with the unmistakable stamp of the people who made them, the places they come from, and the little shop that brought them together.

Elemental ingredients like salt, chocolate, bitters, and core pantry items are the elemental ingredients of a well-loved kitchen.  And a well loved kitchen is how we share a rewarding career with family and friends.  A box created by The Meadow sparks loyalty born of proudly sharing the care and recognition your employees receive for the good work they do at their jobs.  Thank you notes to clients or bonus checks to employees are great and all, but salty focaccia dipped in fresh-pressed olive oil with loved ones is a moment remembered forever. 

Your company's heart is not just seen, it is felt. 

Any machine can stamp a logo on a mug. We do it differently, and writing out cards by hand.  We can make very gift distinct with words take from, or inspired by your company.  We can create a shared experience, or we can create personalized experiences.  Imagine stepping into the break room and finding employee gushing over the gifts they got, comparing notes with mixed satisfaction and envy, telling stories about the time they drank a spritz on the Amalfi coast, scheming of a surprise dinner for their partner.

Let's create real gifts that express your real gratitude. 

Email us!  We will get back to you within 48 hours to customize the perfect corporate gift option for your clients.

First Class treatment, coach prices.

Concierge service that assures your satisfaction and piece of mind throughout. We'll make the entire process transparent.  You can simply send us your list, or you can leverage our state of the art technology platform to manually control each and every gift.  The choice is yours.  And we do it affordably.  Because we stand on our leadership in the world of boutique shopping experiences in Portland and Tokyo, we are not interested in top dollar and a one-time relationship. We are ultimately rewarded by sparking lasting relationships with your clients, your employees, and your company. 

Real Gifts for Real People

In creating your unique corporate gifts we can create something entirely new from scratch, or take inspiration from our most popular gifts:

Salt Boxes built for nothing short of a cooking transformation, with salts, maybe spices, and definitely recipes 

Chocolate Boxes flights or collages around any theme you can imagine

Cocktail (and Mocktail) Boxes discerning ingredients with fun and easy recipes

Happy Hour Boxes same as the above, but with munchies

Pantry Boxes think olive oils, white balsamic vinegars, slow-rolled pastas, and more

Meadow Boxes an assortment of everything in our shop, tied together with a recipes for dining and entertaining to bring it all to life