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Beyond Divine

This salt is the best of everything--sweet, smoky, earthy, wild. Yet still manages to be subtle. How does it manage all this? It won't tell.

A classic!

An essential foundation to any salt collection... suggested that you carry one in your pocket, next to your favorite marble.


Works great for nearly any meat and root veggies

Great salts

Best salts ever

Great product and service

I love and trust Bitterman products, starting with the basics, their Fleur de Sel sea salt, but also their amazing infused salts, esp. the Black Truffle Sea Salt, which improves any cooked or raw vegetable immediately.


Absolutely delicious stuff.

variety queen

Loved the variety of the salts. The black salt is great on fruit. The diversity of flavors is terrific. The salts came nicely packaged in containers that were just the right size for my cupboard.

Best Rosemary infused salt ever!

Love the salt and perfect shipping!

Flake salt

The best flake salt available!

Love Bitterman

I am so pleased with every product that I have ordered, I’m confident when I place an order that it will be perfect for my needs!

January 80%+ bars

The two bars selected, WM Tenor 85% and Antidote Gaia 84% were perfect. It was the appropriate percentage of dark, not too high and not too low. Deep and balanced flavors- a perfect treat for a true dark chocolate lover. The creative packaging is a nice touch. Next month’s batch could have one pure dark and one dark with salt or an herb for variety.

Black Diamond perfection

I loved my Turkish black salt and was bummed when I heard it was not carried any longer. The black diamond was recommended and I am so please. The flake sizes are unbelievable and the flavor and texture unbearable. It’s a keeper.

Great gift!

I gave this as a birthday present, because I wasn’t sure what to give and who doesn’t want gourmet chocolate and salt? It was shipped several states away so I didn’t get to see what was included, but it was well received and enjoyed by the recipient.

Make you a believer.

I purchased the starter set for 2 of my friends. I have been a long time lover of finishing salts and I am determined to bring others into the fold. I love these sets. My favorite will always be the black triangle.

Rosemary Flake and Lemon Salt

I put the rosemary flake salt on EVERYTHING!! I put the lemon salt on fruit. Especially delicious on apples.

Favorite Chocolate Ever!

This is my favorite chocolate/ flavor combination thus far! I travel all the way to Oregon for this chocolate!


My family kind of laughed at me when I told them I had bought us a salt club membership for Christmas. They’ve quickly discovered that mom knows best. We’ve been having so much fun experimenting with the salt. It’s amazing how a different salt can change a dish. We look forward to future selections and will definitely be renewing our membership.

Items came damaged

I ordered three blocks from the Meadow and was so excited when they arrived. Sadly, the box was only packed with padding on two of the sides and one of the sides the sides that was not padded got a large gash in it, cracking and chipping the blocks. I spoke on the phone with someone at the store before Christmas and they were so kind and wrote down my order information, assuring me that they could fix the problem. I think the chaos of the year must have swept up the contact information I left with the store representative. Apart from the shipping damage, the blocks look like they are beautiful and good quality.

Great service

This was a great service, but the bottle of cherries was broken when it arrived.

Great salt, great jar.

Salt is not just NaCl. This is a great product. Sprinkle with flavor.

Perfect Gift

I gave this is a gift. I got to watch them enjoy the different salts as they cooked their meals. “Oh this is good for veggies!” “Oooo, this one is perfect for my avocado toast.” Not only are they delicious, high-quality salts, but it was an adventure! And we felt so fancy and exotic! I am impressed by The Meadow’s fast shipping and handling. I appreciate the care in packaging my purchase. 100% recommend.

Bright and crunchy

A delicious addition to salads and steamed kale!

Quick delivery and well packaged

I made this purchase for my brother as a Christmas gift. He has high blood pressure and doesn’t add salt to his cooking so I’m hoping he will be able to use this as a finishing salt. Otherwise, I cannot comment on the actual product. Shipping, handling and delivery was very quick, also the three jars were well packed and undamaged.

Great salt

Amazing on eggs and meats, don’t over do it!

Best Chocolate Ever!!!!

I purchased about 5 different types of chocolate from this company. It's the best chocolate that I've ever tasted! Will certainly order again, both for myself and for friends.