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My very favorite

This is the best tasting finishing salt I have ever used for baking. It adds the perfect accent to camels, dark chocolate and shortbread. It's an absolute staple in our house.


This one has a little sweetness to it. Goes great on seafood. The best part is the texture. You can tell your biting into a seasoning, but doesn’t have the off putting crunch some salts have.

The best salt

I use this for everything that might benefit from the addition of a little smoky flavor. It's particularly good on scrambled eggs, roast vegetables, and crumbled in at the end as a finishing salt on asparagus soup, sweet potato soup, or the New York Times chicken with shallots recipe. Highly recommend.

Salad Salts

Love them...great addition to any salad.


I like the size of the bar and the thickness of the chocolate.
I also like the texture and good to take any where one needs some chocolate

Love this stuff!

So I am not someone who generally likes salt. I can take it or leave it (mostly leave it). This truffle salt, however, is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! Such a flavorful salt. If you like truffles, I think you will like this salt. The moment you open the jar the smell of the truffles fills your senses. I especially love it on scramble and hard boiled eggs. The only reason I give it 4 and not 5 stars is because the second jar I purchased didn't have quite the kick of truffle the first perfect jar contained. I will buy another jar when this current one is gone and hopefully get the same tast experience as the first. Recommended!



Ginger-forward in a delicious way

The Ginger and Pistachio bar by The Chocolate Maker's Studio is exactly what you want it to be: a balance of spice, rich chocolate and nutty pistachio. This is a must try for anyone who is a ginger lover.

Popcorn will never be the same!

I love, love this black truffle sea salt. The flavor takes popcorn to another level.

Salt Starter Set - Cork

We were given a salt starter set as a gift and liked it so much we ordered 5 sets - one for ourselves and four to give as gifts to special friends. We chose the Cork option for easier opening - the tins are difficult to open. Ordering was simple and delivery was timely.

Dashfire Brandy Old Fashioned Bitters

I love these bitters! I cannot go back to the cheap stuff.




It was yummy.

A smooth bar

It was tangy and had pepper like notes and a nice smooth taste,

The products are excellent

I have been to the New York store on Hudson Street a few times and I love the store, the staff, and the products (including the flowers!). I think I should have called the store directly to order the items I was giving as a gift because there was a glitch with the online ordering: I tried to have the items sent to the people I was giving the gift to but when I got to the PayPal page, the recipients' names appeared in the billing information, and when I tried to correct it, I couldn't and the order fell into a black hole of sorts. I received a reminder e-mail note to complete the order, and then I did, but I had the items sent to me and then I sent it on to the people I was giving the gift to (doing it this way posed no problems on the PayPal page). Unfortunately, I was originally receiving a 10% discount on my order, but by the time I placed the order a second time I received 5%. So the online ordering process was clunky, but the items were packed very carefully and I still love The Meadow and I feel really fortunate that I live near a store where I can go and buy items in person.

Apricot/Vanilla bitters

These bitters are quite delicate, yet still assertive. The apricot comes through as clear stonefruit, slightly fuzzy, barely tannic. The vanilla is creamy and rich while not overwhelming or upstaging. These are wonderful in a cocktail, and I'm also very excited to use them in baking.

My favorite vanilla salt

It's the perfect topping for my salted caramel bourbon apple pie and a wonderful cocktail ingredient.


WOW that is spicy!

Great Salts

I purchased this for a gift and am exited to hear how my friends use it.

cherry plum sea salt

just like the other salts, it tasted great and looks very beautiful as well!

Best Chocolate Bar Ever

Truly the best chocolate bar I have ever tasted! Rich, creamy, and decadent. If you love pistachio and dark chocolate you need to buy this bar. Absolutely worth the price.


The syrup is so delicious! The recipe on the back works perfect for an easy cocktail.

Great service again

Normally we visit The Meadow in NYC but when we need our salt fix and aren't close by, we place an order online. The service is always prompt. We look forward to our next order with The Meadow.

Versatile and Excellent Flavor

We use this salt for everything--cooking and for the finishing touch. Great flavor for all types of food.

Nice Block

Bought this for caprese salad. Works perfect and adds just a little bit of salt.


I love this salt :)


Great Xmas gift


So sad to move away from Portland and the Meadow! This year had to break down and order a large box of chocolate to make up for it! We’ve only opened one so far and it was great.

Black truffle salt

THe salt has nice packaging and is fragrant and fresh. The only criticism is that it has clumped some.

Good chocolate; not my style

This is a nicely crafted chocolate, however it was not my style. I prefer my chocolate with a lighter roast that allows the character of the bean to show. The maker of this bar applies a fairly heavy roast which gives it a nice "pure chocolate" flavor profile that will appeal to many, but largely destroys the terroir. The redeeming characteristic of this bar is that some residual bean character manages to show through the otherwise very dark, roasty notes. As expected the remaining character is something along the lines of leather or tobacco.

Stepping back from my personal preferences, the bar is very nicely crafted. The cacao-sugar ratio is near perfect. The mouthfeel is creamy and buttery, however not to the extent I typically encounter from European chocolatiers who tend to be more liberal in their additions of cacao butter compared to the best bean-to-bar American makers.

All in all, this is a bar that will satisfy many. However, if you are a fan of Arete, Ranger, or Sol Cacao, you may be disappointed by the lack of complexity.

Have this in your kitchen

Used their recipe for deviled eggs with red pepper. Adding the diamond flake salt makes for an amazing flavor and texture.

Salt Bowl review

This was excellent! Used it for black bean dip then for chocolate dip, all in the same meal! It was wonderful.

Conquer your fear of 100%

If you have been hesitant to try 100% cacao, this bar is a fine choice for a beginner's journey unto the 100% range. The cacao is easy on the mouth, melts nicely if you wish to let it, and still has a good dry finish without being too bitter or tannic. It is typical for the label in it's notes.

Love salt!

This is the best location for anything salt related. I love the products.

Just like from Mexico!

Super authentic and tastes like I got it right from a trip in Mexico!


Bitterman's Flake Sea Salt


Ordered a selection of smaller batch, hard to find bitters. Fast service and well packaged delivery! I have recommended this site to my cocktail loving friends! Planning on trying the chocolate this holiday season.

so cool!

loved the Himalayan salt tequila shot glasses. bought 2 sets and gave them for a gift to a tequila lover. and thanks for the great packaging during shipping! I love your store!!!

Five Stars!!

Great products!! am giving them for Christmas presents. love the products from the meadow! great store in Portland, OR. Orders on line always sent well packaged and right away. I have always been satisfied with my purchases.

Great seasoning

For me, this is a great salt for seasoning nearly everything. It gives plenty of flavor witn a relatively small amount and the texture is versatile.

Himalayan Salt Block - 9x9x2" with Cookbook!
Salt blocks

I ordered a salt block 9x9X2 which i am planning to cook on, although I have not tried yet. I also ordered a small block for serving which I have tried and loved. Both block arrived quickly, well packaged with no damage. Very pleased with the service and the quality of the product.

Happiness in a jar!

I have loved this salt since I worked at The Meadow 8/9 years ago. On eggs, popcorn, veggies, pasta, the options are endless! And it’s such a better option than the oils, many of which are synthetic and don’t event contain truffles. Once you try it you’ll be hooked!


Best popcorn salt ever!!!

bought for gifts

haven't actually used the items yet, most is for gifts. had read a review and they sounded great so looking forward to trying them

A new find

This bar has an intense chocolate flavor and a smooth texture similar to the best Italian chocolates. The combination of flavors was very good.


Pralus Melissa 45% Milk Chocolate


Creo Dark Milk Chocolate with Fleur de Sel


Unequivocally, the best dark chocolate peanut butter combination ever.

Blanxart chocolate

Best chocolate ever and can't find in VA. You delivered very prompt service


This salt has brought my eggs to a new life