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All the salts are amazing!

My “go to” special salt is Bitterman’s Fleur de Sel. It is a perfectly balanced salt. This time I also ordered the Pink Himalayan salt and Piran Sel Gris. Love them all.

My everyday salt

I’ve been using this salt for years, and always love it!

it's now our staple

we have switched over the Bitterman's exclusively. The salt is consistent and flavorful. Love the sea salt experience!

Love this company!

I'm almost excited when we run out of salt, it is so much fun to order and look at new products and receive a new batch.

Black Flake Salt Tops it all

I have tried the Black Flake Salt on everything from potatoes, eggs, crab legs, streak seafood... endless, taste-bud explosions on tip of the tongue charcoal flavors and then subtle after hints of smoky salt. My family used up the small promo jar in 2 weeks. Ordering the big jar now!

Delicious Salt

I love saffron and this salt is wonderful to salt a bit of saffron flavor to your dishes.

Good idea, but...

It reminds me much too much of Mexican candy for me to enjoy it on anything savory. It may work on fruit, now that I think about it...

Good salt

I found the salt to flavor dishes well and present a slightly more unusual taste

Best Salt site and great stores

I love the selection at The Meadow. I have been a customer for the past few years. I go to the Mississippi or 23rd Ave store when I am in Portland. I also order online. The service is great and the salts are a wonderment that add so much to my meals.

Wonderful Salt

I love all 3 of these salts, the grey for cooking and the other 2 as finishing salt. They taste so fresh and add great flavor to your food.

Nothing better

Fleur De Sel makes food taste like it should. I think it is worth every penny.
Enjoy it.

Lovely Gift

I received the chocolate of the month club as a gift and it was wonderful to receive such delicious and beautifully wrapped chocolate every month!


No matter what you put it on eggs, meat, veggies you are gonna love it!

Use with pork shoulder - slow cooker style.

Turned out fantastic. Slow cooked with this salt and liquid smoke for two days and WOW - fantastic!


Great products.

Parm Salt

This was great on burgers and in salad. Big hit. Wish I knew The Meadow was in NYC when I was living there. Would love to browse the store in person.

Hot and awesome

We love this salt. A pinch takes any dish to the next level!

Salt Cellars Rock!!!

I've purchase a few of your salt cellars for family and friends. The look on their faces when the open the box and see you lovely salt cellars ..... all I can say is that they feel very special in that moment. I see sincere appreciation in their eyes. The salts also are a big hit. I always write on their cards...To the Salt of the Earth!🥰

Flake Salt

This is a wonderful salt with subtle flavor and extra richness. The best for soup, sauces & makes wonderful flavored gravy.

So good!! Perfect for all the fish I love. True flavor.

Exotic Salts


Greg buys often

These large jars are great.well worth the increased size.

All this needs is packaging to match the product

I am crazy about all of your salts. But, I honestly haven't opened this package because once I do, I'll have an open bag of salt in the humid summer. My suggestion - lose the box. Find a heavier gauge plastic bag that is resealable. Print all of your good info right on the bag. The last thing anyone wants to do in the middle of cooking is fumble with a box and then bag that doesn't seal. Sorry, I would just like the quality of your packaging to match the quality of your amazing salts.

Woodblock Chocolate Tasting Flight - Set of 4

Salt block and cook book

I absolutely love this item! I have used it about 7 times in 2 weeks! I was afraid I would mess it up,(crack or break it on grill) I followed the instructions every time and it is wonderful. I have grilled Rib eye steaks, lobster, shrimp,aspearagus chicken breasts. All came out delish! Will purchase another one soon