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Touch of Delish

Touch of Lemon Flake Salt added a delicate hint of flavor to Chilean Sea Bass and the Buerre Blanc sauce.. Would not have been the same without it.


So I first discovered you when I was In town visiting family in portland. I am Obsessed with the chocolate and plum salts for my oatmeal and I use the truffle salts for my veggies. I cant Wait to get more!

Icelandic Flake Salt

The only was it didn't have a label on it like the photo. It was hand written, which seemed odd. Otherwise. I love the salts.

Salt Starter Sets

I ordered five salt starter sets and the original package arrived with every box containing loose lids and salt all over the insides of the box. When I called, the lady I spoke with was wonderful. All sets were reshipped and arrived in perfect condition (these were all intended as gifts). I appreciate the great customer service and will continue to do business with you in the future. Thank you so much!

My husband and I love this stuff

My new favorite salt

I love eating this salt with fresh avocado!

Intriguing salt with many uses

The large flakes are a delight in the mouth and do not instantly disappear on hot food. I used this as a finishing salt on sauteed kale. Fantastic delicate smokiness really highlighted the sweet herbaceous flavor of the kale. Terrific sprinkled over barley, rice & potatoes as well. Having a blast experimenting with this salt as the smoke flavor is not overpowering! I think a pan of Dark chocolate brownies sprinkled with Halen Mon Gold may be next
I also imagine that this would be delicious on grilled fish of any sort.

Shipping Problem

The salt plate arrived wrapped in non-padded brown paper in a shipping box. One of the corners was broken off, and I glued it on. Two others has white discoloration on a corner suggestive of trauma without breakage. I think you can do better because I had ordered larger blocks in the previous month that were well padded and no defects.

The Only Place in America

I wanted some product from the company featured in the documentary “Nothing Like Chocolate” as a special treat following a screening of the film. It seems that The Meadow is the only place in the United States that has any in stock! It was a delight to work with their staff. The product arrived in perfect condition and on time for the screening. I am a satisfied and grateful customer. Next time I am in Oregon, I will stop by.

Love this finishing salt!

Adding warmth already to the salads and morning eggs and looking forward to a salt rim Mezcal cocktail!

Not packaged well

2 of the 3 containers I ordered arrived open - with 1/4 of their contents spilled all over the box. The remaining salt in the containers is fine.

the master stroke.... Parmesan Truffle Salt

Alchemy happens when you have this ready to add to the widest variety of dishes and foods...… Pasta? Made more flavorful... Popcorn? No need for butter.... Apples with a welcome zest? sprinkle a little on fresh cut slices.... You can augment this list.... It's so marvelous, we carry it traveling.....

Daughter made a cocktail

I purchased a bottle of the lavender bitters as a gift. It arrived well-packaged. My daughter reported that the cocktail she made was delicious.

Fun and Delicious!

I got this as a gift and I love getting the beautifully wrapped and delicious chocolate bars every month. It makes you feel so special to get this beautiful gift.

Beautiful salt

I gives me great pleasure to hold this bag of salt in my hand. Open it, and sprinkle its incredible flavor on my food. I’m amazed the select Meadows offers and I’m grateful for their excellent service.

Portland Bitters Project Adventure Pack

Perfect for all red meats!

We eat what we hunt. This salt is the perfect salt for any venison or any other red meat. It brings out the wonderful flavor in moose and caribou steaks, burgers and roasts!

Perfect! 🤗

Stone was in excellent condition and just as promised, so nice!

I love The Meadow

I have ordered from the Meadow at least twice. I love their specialty salts, which are hard to find anywhere else. The packaging is really special, and the spice jars are the best I've ever used, and reusable. I ordered the dill pickle peanuts by mistake, and didn't want to pay for return postage, so they're sort of weird. But I'll stick with the salts and spices. Thanks Meadow.

Starter salt set

I bought the the starter set to experiment with the varieties of salts. Then I will purchase the ones I use most often. The finishing salts really make the foods pop using very small amounts
Loved the chocolate gift inside and will add that to my next purchase

a smoky, salty delight!

This will not disappoint. Get involved and enjoy. Happy salting.

customer service

the Japanese Salt Set I ordered is for a Christmas gift so I can't comment on the product but the customer service was awesome!!


Everything arrived very quickly, caramels were sooo tasty! I’ve only tried one of the salts so far, but I can’t wait to try the rest.

A standard in our house

We’ve been buying this salt for yea s from The Meadow; first from the New York store, now online. Really great salt.