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8x12x1" Himalayan Salt Platter
Love It!

Love everything I purchased from my Salt Shot Glasses to my serving platters. Unfortunately my Grill Block and Serving platter both suffered some damage in the shipping process but both still functional!

Will be ordering direct again when I need to replenish. Thanks guys!

Really great basic salt

This is the salt I reach for on a daily basis. Ground finer so it dissolves more quickly.


It was probably my fault, but I thought I was ordering replacement quantities, instead of the small "hostess gift" size. I sent an email, but never heard anything back. The product, of course, is very good, and I've gone ahead and ordered the quantities that I had originally wanted.


Absolutely superb!


Chocolate arrived well packaged and wonderful. Thank you.

Love this salt. Wonderful on steamed vegetables. Adds so much Unami.

Sal de Gusani - Quick Fulfillment

Order shipped and arrived quickly. Well packaged; no issues. Would certainly purchase from The Meadow again!

Good salt

I enjoy this salt.


This chocolate had a rich biting chocolate flavor which I throughly enjoyed. My favorite to date

Great Presentation Box!

Fantastic box that is well-designed and great to give a gift of Bitterman Salt in.

I give 2 stars as I assume the product was hopefully was quality.

I was embarrassed that my gift was what was well over 2 weeks to even ship out. I could’ve walked (I am joking as I cannot walk) to your store and shipped it myself easier. I wrote 2 apology letters to my giftee saying I did not forget your birthday. I would never order again from your store. You should not offer the Service if you cannot ship.


I never knew salt could add so much flavor!


I liked the strong chocolate bitter taste.

Replacement Himalayan pink salt dish

Thank you very much. I received the replacement salt dish today, in good condition. This arrived in a timely fashion, the service was very good. However, I am still only giving you 4 star rating - you really ned to work on your communication skills. Thank you very much.

Salt of the Earth

Using product as a "finishing salt" and I am very pleased with the results. Very pleased transaction/follow-up with this Company as well, Mahalo!


I bought these as gifts for clients. I placed a huge order I needed in a hurry. The NYC people were so helpful putting me in touch with the Portland headquarters, and the Portland team was so nice and made sure my order was ready and sent on time, actually much quicker than I expected and was promised. Thanks so much for overdelivering! The cork jars have such a nice presentation, and the black diamond salt was the perfect gift for my clients because I work in luxury jewelry. Also, everything was packed well and arrived in perfect condition.

Absolutely the best.

This salt/pepper combination of craft salt/pepper is just delicious. I have stopped taking wine as hostess gifts and now give Bitterman Craft Salt/Pepper.

Excellent Selection at Greta Price!

Great for punching up desserts, ranging from puddings to ice creams! Our "go-to" for that extra pop!


Recently ordered several salts. All wonderful. However, the packaging was poor. One bottle arrived broken. Another bottle arrived with cap off and salt spilled out into box. I let meadow know and they replaced the broken one after I sent pictures.

Sal de Gusano Sea Salt

Came quickly and adequately wrapped but it leaked a little bit.


I let the chocolate melt in my mouth rather than chew it. It was delicious, relaxing and oh so good. Thank you!

We’re addicted!!!

I bought my first jar at the brick and mortar Meadow shop while visiting Portland. So glad we’re able to buy it online! This salt has become a must in our kitchen. Amazing sprinkled on avocado toast

tasty treat

this salt adds another dimension to my flavor profiles in food preparation... a little goes a long way! i love all the products i've tried so far


Love this salt and all the others I have bought. The flavors are just awesome. I have all the salted cookbooks and have cooked different recipes and I keep looking at all the other recipes and have a difficult time deciding on which one next. Now for more salts to order as well as a new salt block. Awesome, Awesome.