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The Meadow White Balsamic Vinegar from Italy

A pantry staple! White balsamic vinegar made with USDA-certified organic Trebbiano grape must and white wine vinegar. Sweet, ever-so-slightly acidic vinegar prized for its versatility in our kitchen. Tastes of wild peach, lemon, apple.

Equally a standout in sweet dishes as it is in savory dishes.Use this white balsamic vinegar on all manner of cooked, roasted, grilled or fresh veggies! Try drizzling over grilled peppers and onions; as a finishing touch on tomato, garlic, and herb bruschetta; add a splash over your next roasted chicken; or use it to deglaze a plan. Kaitlin uses this exclusively to make her special pickled red onions!

On the sweeter side of things, this is a fantastic vinegar to use with fresh peaches, nectarines or strawberries. Just add a pinch of sugar, a little white balsamic vinegar, and let fruit sit for a few minutes to merry. Serve with ice cream or whipped cream, et voila... a simple summer dessert.

The Meadow's Classic Vinaigrette

Combine all ingredients in mason jar. Put lid on mason jar and shake vigorously to combine, about 20 seconds. Serve immediately over fresh bitter greens. We like escarole, but arugula, dandelion greens or frisée works beautifully.

  • Region: Modena
  • USDA Organic
  • Batch: L261A-19
  • Best before: 09/2024
  • Ingredients: Organic concentrated grape must, organic wine vinegar
  • 8.4oz / 250ml bottle
  • Made in Italy

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