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Hi you, with a bitters “problem.” I know you: you open a cupboard and bitters fall out; you open a present hoping it’s bitters; your partner gives you the side-eye as...


salt sets

Salt is the most powerful ingredient in the kitchen... it's no wonder that we've discovered the power of salt is in numbers. We've done the mixing and matching for you, so that you can reap the flavor benefits in every dish you prepare.

Our salt set collection combines the best salts available anywhere, thoughtfully paired together to enhance and play off of your favorite dishes. The eternal classic Starter and Meadow sets offer six hand-harvested salts, three for everyday cooking and seasoning, plus three for sparkle and pizzazz that will transform how you think about and use salt.

We also offer salt sets for specific uses, from salads to desserts, from cocktails to popcorn! Kick back and relax with our Popcorn salt set and a big bowl of the good stuff or fire up the grill and watch as every dish you throw on the barbecue transforms, from burgers to chicken to ribs, with our Grilling salt set.

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