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I ordered a mystery box to share with my partner on our recent kinda vacation... I love how it was wrapped simply with brown paper and tied with twine...


Sugar & Spice Salt Set

Sugar, spice and everything nice...

Celebrate the season with cozy infused fleur de sel and warm flake salts. Sprinkle Espresso Flake on snickerdoodle cookies and to top whipped cream; Chocolate Fleur de Sel on pie crusts, baked apples, candied walnuts; and dust Pumpkin Spice on butternut soup and... pumpkin pie. Pick up a copy of Mark Bitterman's Craft Salt Cooking for recipes and more inspiration. 

Bitterman's Pumpkin Spice Sea Salt - Warm, coxy aromas for buttered scones, whipped cream, spiced nuts, oatmeal, chocolate dipped frozen bananas! Sweetly mild salt crystals sing a melody with pungent clove, aromatic vanilla, and other fall spices that make things nice.

Bitterman's Chocolate Fleur de Sel - Concocted by The Meadow owner Mark Bitterman, this fleur de sel is blended with chocolate using a secret recipe. The chocolate adds a hint of cocoa flavor, a strong chocolatey aroma, and a rich coffee color. Use it on sweets or anywhere you might use a mole, such as tender beef or chicken.

    Bitterman's Espresso Salt - We make our coffee salt with fresh roasted Oregon coffee because we respect their commitment to quality and to sustainability. Furthermore, this espresso is flat out amazing! The coffee grinds epitomizes the comfort and complexity of good espresso, a flavor trapeze act of chocolate, burnt caramel, butterscotch, and coffee. We add a kiss of natural vanilla to the mix, along with a little small-batch cocoa powder to really set it off.

    What should you try it on?A better question is, what shouldn't you NOT try it on? We sprinkle it on steaks, on grilled lettuce salads, on charred octopus, roasted root vegetables with thyme and oranges. Its fantastic on panna cotta, yellow cake with buttercream frosting, macaroons, and in salted caramel and caramel sauces! It is killer on the rim of a cocktail: manhattans, rusty nails, and our favorite drink of all this time of year, mezcal negronis. Or try it on our newest indulgence, on the rim of a chocolate malted milkshake!

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