Puchero India 60% Dark Chocolate with Sourdough Bread

Yes, the title does in fact say sourdough bread! Puchero has done it again with another creative combination. This masterpiece is made with Indian cacao beans from the Idukki farms. Laced with lovely floral notes and a light kick of Panics Sourdough bread, you'll feel like you're eating a chocolate sandwich. Perfect for anytime of day - afternoon snack, with a morning cup of tea, or to serve after dinner with cheeses and fruits.

Tasting notes: floral, sourdough bread, pineapple

Pair it with: Creamy blue cheese

A Note from Puchero

We’re Paloma and Marco, from Spain and Italy respectively. After living in London for several years, we decided to stop, reflect and take a new approach to life. We travelled to new places and met incredible people along the way, whose love for the exciting world of coffee rubbed off on us. Together, we created Puchero, which has grown since 2015 to become a leader in specialty coffee and one of the best roasters in Spain. But the story doesn’t end there. Three years later, chocolate came into our lives. Inspired by the infinite nuances of cacao from around the world, at Puchero we roast beans that have been harvested and dried on the farm by small-scale producers to make bars of craft chocolate. And so our family grew. Along with the very best coffee and cacao beans, people began to arrive… Good people. The kind of people who give everything they’ve got to bring our creations to your table. That’s us. We’re Puchero.

-Paloma and Marco


Ingredients: Cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter, bread (wheat, salt). Contains wheat.


Net weight: 2.47oz / 70g

Made in Hornillos De Eresma, Valladolid, Spain!


Customer Reviews

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Eric McDonald
Puchero sourdough

Wonderful taste on the silky dark chocolate and the small pieces of sourdough with a delightful crunch and minimal sour flavor, add a wonderful touch. The Puchero line is AWESOME and wonderful packaging.