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I ordered a mystery box to share with my partner on our recent kinda vacation... I love how it was wrapped simply with brown paper and tied with twine...


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Bitterman's Dill Pickle Salt

*This trio is part of our re-stocked Portland - New York - Tokyo Series*

Dilly, pickly, salty, tangy perfection! 

Everything you never knew you needed... now in salt form! Dilly, pickly, salty, tangy perfection for sprinkling on popcorn, slow-roasted salmon, grilled chicken pitas. Or mix into tzatziki, Greek salads, all manner of sour cream dips and spreads. Hand-harvested, fine grained Italian sea salt infused with dill, garlic, dill seed and coriander. Pucker up!

Ingredients: Sea salt, dill, garlic, coriander, dill seed, citric acid.

Net weight: 2oz / 56g

Made in Portland, Oregon!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Kristin Nelson
Great Flavor - Gummy and Solidified Texture

Salt was completely solid and difficult to get out of jar. We are able to chip chucks with the tip of a boning knife and then break up the chunks in a mortar. (No amount of shaking solved this - it was REALLY difficult to break apart.) Once in 'salt form' and size, it was epically delicious over popcorn with just a smidgen of good olive oil.


Oh no! Not sure what happened regarding the Dill Pickle salt that was sent to you but we would be more than happy to communicate further regarding this through email :)



Tasty, but …

When I opened the new, sealed container, the salt was solid and all stuck together. I used a fork to break it up. Still tasted very good and I would order the dill pickle salt again.

Not as good as smoked salts

Great sounding combo idea. Not as good as the smoked salts, however. Taste disappeared on fresh corn, steak, salad… somewhat disappointing.

Ellen Wassermann
Clumped together

Salt arrived in one huge dry lump

Hiya Ellen,

Thank you for your message, you make a great point! We don't use any anti-caking agents in our salts which is why gravity will sometimes do its thing and compress the salt down. In this case, make sure to hold the lid down and give it a good ol' shake or a light tap on any surface.
Most table salts use at least one anti-caking agent which means it pours more smoothly and prevents sticking/clumping but unfortunately this also means you are putting chemicals (calcium silicate E552, sodium ferrocyanide and tricalcium phosphate to name a few...)into your salt.
Call us old fashioned but we prefer to do things au naturale here at The Meadow and giving your salt a little ol' shake is actually kind of fun (envision yourself as a salty bartender, perhaps?)



Joy Gimbel
Excellent, my son loves dill, pickle & was a hit at Christmas

Every salt we’ve tried is delish. Mark really knows his salts! Look forward to trying more flavors. Highly recommend this for fish & other culinary adventures