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We are a little shop built on belonging. Our goods feed tummy and soul. We share a belief in celebration, equity, connection.

A recent letter

I ordered a mystery box to share with my partner on our recent kinda vacation... I love how it was wrapped simply with brown paper and tied with twine...


Naive Chocolate

The What

This is the first and only bean-to-bar chocolate company in Lithuania. Despite the name, they’re anything but naïve. Instead, Naïve is dedicated to sourcing the highest quality, all natural ingredients, committed to their mission of producing chocolate using sustainable and honest methods, and steadfast in sharing the bean origin, genetic variety, conch time and roast level on each and every bar package.

 The Who

Eccentric chocolate maker Domantas Uzpalis makes Naïve Chocolate. He struggled for many years, and eventually decided to invest all of his savings in a batch of cocoa beans, and since then his life has changed for the better. He describe his chocolate making philosophy as "infantile," while maintaining a very serious prospective on educating people about bean-to-bar chocolates.  

The Why

Naïve Chocolate reminds us about the importance of breaking the rules- with equal parts seriousness and silliness. Their approach and style is a refreshing prospective. As a chocolatier, they have fun with the idea of gourmet chocolate, bringing together traditional chocolate making philosophy with a modern mindset. For the customer, these chocolate bars elicit a "Why not?" response (e.g. “Would I/you like some mushrooms with my dark chocolate? Sure, why not!”), and it is fun to sell for that reason. Above all, indulge the customer in the novelty and innovativeness of the flavors, while educating on the quality and craftsmanship of the maker.

Fun Facts

  • Naïve’s chocolate is handmade in Parapijoniskes on the Eastern side of Lithuania.
  • All of Naïve’s chocolate bars are hand signed, giving these bars an intensely personal feel.
  • All of the beans used to make Naïve’s bars are fair trade sourced.