$ 56.00

Temperature is the key factor when searing foods on Himalayan salt blocks. The sweet spot for duck breast? 475 degrees. For Flank steak? 500 degrees. And for moist, trickier foods like scallops, 525 to 550 gives you the most perfect browned-on-the-outside and rare-on-the-inside results. You can guess the temperature if you like, but it’s more accurate (and lot of fun!) to measure it with a precision infrared laser thermometer gun.

The ultimate set for the Chef in the family. This set includes a 4x8x2 Professional Grade Himalayan Salt block and an Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun. Our salt blocks are selected for its structural integrity and approved for heating to high temperature on a stovetop or barbecue, & for sautéing your favorite foods such as scallops, thinly sliced hangar steak, duck breast, or even an egg . Use this handy dandy tool to take an accurate and precise reading of the temperature of your salt block! A very helpful tool to have to manage the temperature of your block. The infrared gun can be used in the kitchen for a variety or purposes…

  • Super precise temperature readings with the pull of this handheld gun’s trigger
  • Professional grade, Celsius or Fahrenheit (Range: -32 to +380 C / -26 to +716 F)
  • Powered by one 9-volt battery
  • Auto Shut-off & Low Battery Indicator
  • *Please refer to the Himalayan Salt Block Cooking Guide for directions on how to heat up your block.