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Nossa Familia Brazil Decaf - Coffee from Portland, Oregon

Grab a bag of coffee from our friends at Nossa Familia, a locally owned and operated Portland coffee company!

Swiss Water Processed decaf is not the cheap way to make decaffeinated coffee, but it is the clean, natural delicious way to extract caffeine from coffee beans.

At just one glance you'll know this ain't your usual decaffeinated coffee. The roast is perfect, which you can see from the dull luster of the surface--no oily residue from over-roasting. This comes through to make Nossa Familia's Brazil Decaf maybe the best decaf we've tasted.

So good that we'll actually drink decaf instead of regular!

Beans are super small, from special lot of Peaberry beans. This is a naturally occurring mutation in coffee cherries that contain only one seed instead of two. We don't know precisely how these small Peaberry beans do what they do (is it something technical like the fermentation process is better, is it something poetical like "good things come in small packages") but we know you'll like it.

This farm-direct decaf comes from Augusto's family farms in the Sul de Minas region of Brazil. Add a bag of coffee to support our friends at Nossa Familia, a locally owned and operated Portland coffee company!

Grind: Whole Bean

Origin: Brazil Region

Flavor notes: Smooth, balanced chocolate and floral tones with a lingering sweetness.

Sul de Minas Farm: Our Family's Farms Relationship:

Family Process: Natural Processed, Swiss Water Process Decaffeination

Varietal: Peaberry

Net weight: 12oz / 340g

From Portland, Oregon!

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Decaf coffee

Delicious coffee. Glad I ordered it. Will do again.