Cubeb Pepper from Indonesia

Cubeb pepper, native to Indonesia and long used in traditional herbal medicine, is distinguished by its attached stalk - the reason it is also called "tailed pepper." Kaitlin's favorite pepper!

Cubeb pepper berries are harvested by hand so as not to damage the delicate plant, cured, soaked, then dried in the sun until the pepper reaches a deep brown-black color.

Flavor Notes: Minty and lightly peppery, with notes of pine, eucalyptus and allspice.

Grown in Indonesia!

Ingredients: Pepper

Net weight: 1oz / 28g

Customer Reviews

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Carole Rosa
Love this Pepper!!

Great pepper.


Went in for quality pepper for an A5 Wagyu steak. Service described it as woody, earthy, aromatic. But this is absolutely not a pepper for a steak. Maybe if that steak was in a curry or something but yeah.

It is oily, fragrant and aromatic, acrid and bitter without much spice. Not super neutral to the pallet like regular peppercorn which is just slightly chalky with a spicy kick. Maybe good for dishes with other flavors like cardamom ice cream and the like but not really what I wanted. Wish I got something else because I doubt I'll use this unless I make an Indian or Middle Eastern dish.

Jeffrey Pensabene
Fragrant and beautifully spicy

The most fragrant and uniquely tasting pepper. And I thought the Meadow just specialized in salts, bravo


Cubeb Pepper from Indonesia

Alan Brickley
Quality product and service

Received salt, pepper and combination of each. The products were delivered in a timely fashion and, most important the products were great, especially the combination salt/pepper which has proven to be versatile (and flavor enhancing).