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Fleur de sel literally means "Flower of Salt" in French, and many classic fleur de sels are produced in regions of France - Guérande, Camargue, Noirmoutier, and I'ile de Ré. But the label 'fleur de sel' describes the way the salt is made and the qualitiesit possesses. Fleur de sel is a solar evaporated sea, lake, or spring salt with fine, irregular, moist, mineral-rich crystals made by raking the crystals that blossom on the surface of a crystallizing pan. Today, fine fleur de sel is made in countries around the world.

Our signature Bitterman Salt Co. Fleur de Sel from Guatemala (pictured above!) is:

Pure & Unrefined: We leave our salt as nature made it, with the full flavor of the sea bursting in every bite.

Sun Evaporated:Pacific seawater filters through a stunning mangrove forest where it evaporates until it crystallizes under the hot harvest sun. No factories, no fossil fuels. Just birdsong, breaking waves, silence.

Hand Harvested: Only wooden rakes and wheelbarrows, keeping every delicately crunchy crystal safe from the bruise of heavy machinery.

Impact: Commingles gently with food, adding a mild, delicate crunch.

Uses: Finishing salt for subtle foods. Cooking salt for specialty dishes. The best all-around finishing salt out there.

Fleur de Sel

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