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Hi you, with a bitters “problem.” I know you: you open a cupboard and bitters fall out; you open a present hoping it’s bitters; your partner gives you the side-eye as...


Casa Bosques 72% Dark Chocolate with Pink Peppercorn

New this Spring 2020!

Bean-to-bar chocolate from Mexico City, Mexico.


Feminine fatale,
Left with a tranquilizing kiss,
Summer of spices,
Sultry stings,
Seduced by the rising rays of the sun,
Crushed and paired—equilibrium,
Mélange ignited effervescent senses,
Flames roast,
In continuum.


Spice up the moment with a yin-yang combination of fragrant pink peppercorn and bittersweet cacao. Fruity and rich at the same time, this chocolate is sharp and musky, evoking the flavor of sunshine on an autumn day.

Casa Bosques organic chocolate builds on the historical foundations of rich, single-origin cacao from Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and other parts of South America. The mission is to source rare, premium quality cacao beans from specialty producers - transforming them with a refined assortment of fine herbs, spices and other complimentary flavours in a palette ranging from delicate and smooth to complex and invigorating.

“Each type of Casa Bosques chocolate represents a moment or a place in my life story linked to my own sense of wanderlust. Every time I am somewhere new, I imagine a new chocolate variety to represent that moment, place or emotion. Sometimes that means looking into tradition and experiment with friends and chefs in order to explore and learn from each other.”- Rafael Prieto - Founder.

Ingredients: pink peppercorn, organic cacao, organic coconut sugar.

Net weight: 2.12oz / 60g

Made in Mexico City!

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