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Antidote 100% Raw Dark Chocolate

Antidote chocolate is a chocolate maker based in Long Island, New York, with a strong emphasis on the health benefits of cacao. The cacao beans used to make this chocolate are the prestigious Arriba Nacional from Ecuador.

Ingredients: cacao beans, cacao butter, cacao nibs

Customer Reviews

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beginner's level maybe

For people new to 100% chocolate, especially those who've dabbled with nibs, this might be a good introduction. The base is undistinguished, almost bland, and the nibs add texture more than flavor. (One of my experienced tasters thought it tasted like baking chocolate, which maybe newbies are expecting?) If you're still into dark chocolate in big bites, this could be an easy transition to 100.

However, people who enjoy pure cacao in any form are a small minority in my limited experience. As a 100%-er for several years now, my favorite is the distinctive flavor of The Grenada Co, followed closely by Ritual. But when I offer slivers to others, they mostly find both of these "sharp," "strong," and occasionally even "bitter" (viva la différence among individual tastes and word definitions ;). 100% chocolate is like coffee, with significant differences between regions and recipes, but they are all best savored as tiny bits.

(note to the Meadow, I bought this in-store, which is always fun! but leaves no room for comments about mail service or packaging)