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Cherry Plum is a pale flower, with a flavor that is similarly more in the pastels than Day-Glo. Cherry plum is based on a culinary institution in Japan, the Umeboshi (salt-preserved or dried plum). Traditionally homemade, the Umeboshi is made every year by simply packing plums in a jar with sea salt. 20% to 30% of the plum liquid will be extracted from the plum. This plum juice is referred to as plum vinegar.

Our Cherry Plum Salt is a classic Japanese shio salt infused with this plum vinegar. This salt is essential for rice balls, rice noodles, rice candies, and rice krispie treats. Good on foods that don't contain rice as well. A touch of salt-tangy plum in whatever your tangy plum of a heart desires.

    Ingredients: sea salt, plum vinegar