Bali Kechil Pyramid Sea Salt

Bali Kechil Pyramid Sea Salt

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From our vault - once it's gone, it's gone forever! Only 20 left! 

Discovered deep in the back of our vault, one of our favorite salts of all-time is for sale in super limited quantities while supplies last. Once in a lifetime salt!

Bali Kechil Pyramid Sea Salt's translucent ice-colored crystals a like miniature jewel boxes. Moderate moisture, with a bright, tidy flavor and a slight bitter (but pleasant) after taste. 

Kechil means "young" or "small." When I look at the salt, "cute" is the first word that comes to mind - in all the cuddly, gushing, annoying senses of the term. In some cute little atelier somewhere, little beings - beings smaller, even more ingenious, and far cuter than elves - must have made this salt.

From a distance, the crystals of Bali Kechil are more or less cubic, and don't resemble a flake salt at all. Closer inspection reveals that they are in fact hollow pyramidal boxes. Not neat boxes. The crystals are chunky and jumbled, with a thick cubic based and wobbly, rigid sides, almost cartoon-like. Getting past their adorableness is the chief challenge to using Bali Kechil. You have to put down the urge to snuggle this adorable salt. Once you can do that, you are ready to enjoy the salt truly and openly.  

Ten thousand feet below the base of Bali's sacred Gunung Agung volcano, Bali Kechil is made from water hauled by hand from the sea and poured carefully into basins carved in the black beach sand. After the water has evaporated in the sun, a thing layer of salt-crusted sand is skimmed from the basin and painstakingly rinsed in clean salt water to form a saturated brine. The brine is then reduced in bamboo basins until crystals form that can be harvested. 

Scattered on food, Bali Kechil is a train wreck of crazy popping as the tiny crystals implode between your teeth. There is nothing cute about it - dazzling is more like it. Few salts offer a more vital experience of salt's physical presence with so light a flavor. Bali Kechil's little box crystals communicate in crystalline verbosity the pure essence of traditional Balinese flavors, like kaffir lime leaves, blue ginger, and bird's-eye chiles. In fact, eating this salt brings new sensations to the deeper regions of the mind (ones you may not even know you possess), like the puffy-crunchy texture of krupuk melinjo crackers made with gnemon fruit, or the earthy-sour flavors of tamarind pulp and pandan leaf. Bringing these sensations back home to your daily life, Bali Kechil is the best salt available for salted bagels, pizza crusts, pretzels, focaccia, oatmeal cookies, chocolate truffles and more.

Ingredients: Sea salt

Small Jar: 1.5oz / 42g

From Bali, Indonesia!

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Customer Reviews

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Bob Koerner
The Best Ever!

Of all the salts I have experienced, Bali Kechil is the most profound texture and taste imaginable! It is now loved by my entire extended family on everything from rare meat to ice cream. Do not leave this worldly life without the experience of tasteful bliss.

Bob, we are so happy to hear you love Bali Kechil as much as we do!!!