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Salt Discovery

Salt Discovery 0

At twenty years of age, I made the discovery that would change my life forever. I was somewhere in the middle of a very long, unstructured motorcycle trip across Europe. 

I was motoring along on the picturesque D836 road from Paris to Le Havre when I made my discovery. In the mood to splurge, I was looking for a relais—the French equivalent of an American truck stop, offering traditional food at affordable prices. I rode for quite some time in my search. 

  • Mark Bitterman
Founding a Future

Founding a Future 0

With so much commerce transpiring in the soulless sea of a flickering blue screen, what will happen in the absence of all that hubbub? Yet the future brings wonderful things, we are certain of it...
Stickers and Robots

Stickers and Robots 0

Plastic barcodes stuck on a piece of beautiful fruit represent a kind of loss that goes beyond plastic they contribute to our ever-more-plasticized world. Here's what's going on.  Here's how you can take a stand.