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A Can of Gratitude

A Can of Gratitude 0

Here we see an abundance of privilege, manifested as a collection of canned fish. How did they get here? What's their story?
  • Mark Bitterman
Drinking Chocolate from Salt on KPTV

Drinking Chocolate from Salt on KPTV 0

Take a tour of our Wall of chocolate.  And wait for the goofy but delicious bit where Stephanie Domurat from our local Fox affiliate and I make drinking chocolate and serve it up in a goblet of 600 million hear old Himalayan salt.
How Thoughts Became Things

How Thoughts Became Things 0

We invited all our friends over for a party, and opened our doors to the public. Strangely, people were interested in our salt. 

  • Mark Bitterman
Welcome to The Meadow

Welcome to The Meadow 0

Imagine now that you've lost your home. The place where you belong.  You know it's out there, but where?  

The Meadow is that home.  It's your home, and we welcome you, always.  

I'm Mark, the owner of The Meadow, and I'd like to make that welcome personal.  If you were at my front door I'd ask you in, or we'd sit on the front steps.  I'd suggest you let one of our two very lion-like cats doze on your lap, and I'd offer you something to drink. Most likely we'd talk about your travels, or mine.  The unexpected kindness shown by a train conductor.  The miracle pastry from a corner bakery.  The sunset from a clifftop patio, nibbling salty snacks and a bitter cocktail.  In short, we'd be together, joined by a love of the flavors and sights and people that connect us all.  

  • Mark Bitterman